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Nina grew up next to her mother and living abroad in Brazil and Switzerland who have such strong and different environment has brought her a diverse and complex appreciation of nature. 

In Switzerland she has opted for a different route taking the course of hotel management. It was later, back in portugal that Nina started taking the first steps in Garden Design.

Self taughted and driven by her passion Nina started the company 20 years ago and has been taking large steps into the landscaping world ever since. 

She now counts with gardens all over Portugal, México and ibiza.

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Isabel Theodora grew up in the Portuguese countryside, alongside her mother Nina & her family. Since a young age her creativity and passion for nature has been nurtured. After graduating from IADE Creative University, majoring in Graphic Design she moved to Brazil where she successfully created a small business of crafting flower crowns By Beli, from there she passed through Mexico further exploring her creative curiosity and participated in a group exhibition called The Fantasy of Lost Land. In 2015, Isabel moved to London, to work as the Art Director for Culture Stories, and established her second company of bespoke flower arrangements, delivered door to door on her bicycle. Her path finally lead her back to the Portuguese countryside, where she is working and learning alongside her mother as a garden designer, whilst also implanting her own experiences and fresh ideas into their work. She also continues to produce flowers arrangements and flower design for special events.


Jacaré Theodoro was born in October 2017. He has an enthusiasm for nature and loves helping with gardening. A great companion that is always bringing love and joy to our days. 

Grandmother, mother and daughter. 
Besides the strong family ties, Mafalda, Nina and Isabel have in common a childhood spent in between Azeitão and Comporta - three generations strongly rooted in nature. 
Mafalda passed on her passion for flowers and decoration to her daughter Nina, who set up Nina Gardens, specializing in Garden Design. In 2017 Isabel joined forces with her mother Nina combining garden design with flower arrangements, bringing back what her grandmother started.
With over 20 years experience in Garden Design,  Nina Gardens is proud of its history and values.
Nina Gardens has done projects across Portugal, Mexico (Costa Careyes) and Ibiza.

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