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Construction is also a big part of our company. We design and implement projects of ours and other architects with as  much love, perfection and care as we can.

Giving a constant update of the process to both architects and clients is very important for us. 

Topiaris, Louis Benech, Eric Ossart and Philippe de Boncourt are a few of the architects we have had the pleasure to work with.

The idealization of garden design is an extremely delicate process. Starting with the observation of the natural area and the plants, to studying the architectural project of the house and understanding the client and their needs. Nina Gardens tends for the perfect balance between the aesthetics, natural environment and people’s interactions. .

Grandmother, mother and daughter. 
Besides the strong family ties, Mafalda, Nina and Isabel have in common a childhood spent in between Azeitão and Comporta - three generations strongly rooted in nature. 
Mafalda passed on her passion for flowers and decoration to her daughter Nina, who set up Nina Gardens, specializing in Garden Design. In 2017 Isabel joined forces with her mother Nina combining garden design with flower arrangements, bringing back what her grandmother started.
With over 20 years experience in Garden Design, and with the joining of Teresa Vieira, a landscape architect that shares the same love for flowers, Nina Gardens is proud of its history and values.
Nina Gardens has done projects across Portugal, Mexico (Costa Careyes) and Ibiza.

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